Unica Hybrid Stove

Pellet-wood hybrid stove. Natural convection (it can be deactivated completely)

Nobis 10 V/C Unica

The best of both worlds

Wood stove or pellet stove? Why choose when you can enjoy the advantages of both heating systems in a single stove?
The Nobis Unica is a hybrid stove designed for use with either wood or pellet. Its combustion chamber has been specially designed to optimally and efficiently burn both pellets and wood, providing maximum heat output.

A great advantage of the Unica stove is the ease of switching from pellet to wood logs, simply opening the door and adding logs. The stove automatically senses that wood has been added and stops the auger feeding pellets and adjusts the air intake for the efficient combustion of wood.
In the event of an electric power outage the Unica can be operated like a standard wood stove simply add logs and kindling and light it. The Nobis Unica hybrid stove is the answers the modern heating needs of users. 
Whether in wood or pellet mode, you can choose to heat the environment either by silent natural convection or switch on the circulating fan to speed up the heating process. You can also add a second fan to facilitate ducting to heat a second room.
In addition to the standard RF (radio frequency) handheld touch remote the stove can be managed and monitored from anywhere – thanks it's integrated wifi module and Nobis App  that allows you to program ignition and switch off, set the optimal power from season to season and constantly check its running, creating a personalised heating schedule. The Unica is available in several stone and porcelain finishes and has an energy rating of A+. This stove is compliant with Eco Design 2022.

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Heats area up to            228 m3 
Power 4.6 - 10.3 kW               
Size W x H x D (mm) 850 - 1190 - 490
Pellet fuel consumption per hour min/max (Kg/h)  0.9- 2,20
Efficiency (%) 90 - 91
Flue exit pipe (Ø mm) 130
Tank capacity (Kg) 18
Burn time min/max (hours) 8 - 18
Installed power (W) 60
Net weight (Kg) 250


Unica Hybrid Pellet Stove

Nobis Technologies


  • Hybrid pellet/wood stove
  • Upper ventilation
  • Natural convection
  • Stove control via handheld device with room thermostat function
  • Controllable with Wi-Fi kit
  • Automatic brazier cleaning (pellet mode)
  • Brushless gear motor
  • Hermetic stove
  • Optional single ducting Ø60mm

 Measures and data are indicative. The parent company reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, without notice, for either technical or commercial reasons.