Nobis A10 Unica Hybrid Pellet Stove

Pellet-wood hybrid stove. Natural convection (it can be deactivated completely)

Nobis A10 Unica

The best of both worlds

The Nobis Unica hybrid stove is an exceptional heating solution that combines the best features of wood and pellet stoves, offering homeowners a multitude of benefits. Notably, the Unica stove is designed with a hermetically sealed combustion chamber, making it suitable for airtight homes using heat recovery ventilation systems. This feature enhances its compatibility with modern, energy-efficient home designs.

  • Fuel Flexibility: The Unica stove excels in its unique capability to efficiently burn both wood logs and pellets, offering the flexibility to choose your preferred fuel source based on your needs and fuel availability. Pellets ensure a hassle-free, consistent heat output, while wood logs bring the cosy ambiance of a traditional fire, complete with the view of flames and the soothing crackling sound.
  • Seamless Transition: Switching between wood and pellets is effortless with the Unica stove. Its automatic fuel detection and adjustment mean you can change fuels with little intervention, ensuring user-friendliness.
  • Reliable Backup Heating: In areas prone to power outages, the Unica stove serves as a dependable backup heating source. You can switch to using wood logs during electricity disruptions, providing peace of mind in emergency situations.
  • Precise Heating Control: The Unica stove offers precise control, allowing you to choose between silent natural convection for a quieter experience or utilising the circulating fan to expedite heating. Adding a optional second fan further extends heat distribution to another room, making it a versatile heating solution.
  • Smart Home Integration: Keeping pace with modern technology, the Unica stove features Wi-Fi integration and the Nobis App for remote control and monitoring. You can easily adjust settings, create personalised schedules, and manage your heating from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Energy Efficiency: With an A+ energy rating and adherence to Eco Design 2022 standards, the Unica stove prioritises efficiency and environmental friendliness, potentially reducing heating costs and environmental impact.
  • Self-Cleaning Burners: The stove's automatic self-cleaning burner streamlines maintenance by minimising ash and residue build up in the combustion chamber. This ensures consistent, efficient combustion and a hassle-free experience.

In summary, the Nobis Unica hybrid stove offers a multitude of features that cater to various homeowner needs, making it a remarkable choice for those looking to combine the best of both wood and pellet stoves in a single, cohesive package. Its unique hermetically sealed design enhances its compatibility with energy-efficient homes, while its fuel flexibility, smart features, and efficient operation deliver a comprehensive heating experience.

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Heats area up to            228 m3 
Power 4.6 - 10.3 kW               
Size W x H x D (mm) 850 - 1190 - 490
Pellet fuel consumption per hour min/max (Kg/h)  0.9- 2,20
Efficiency (%) 90 - 91
Flue exit pipe (Ø mm) 130
Tank capacity (Kg) 18
Burn time min/max (hours) 8 - 18
Installed power (W) 60
Net weight (Kg) 250


Unica Hybrid Pellet Stove


  • Hybrid pellet/wood stove
  • Upper ventilation
  • Natural convection
  • Stove control via handheld device with room thermostat function
  • Controllable with Wi-Fi kit
  • Automatic brazier cleaning (pellet mode)
  • Brushless gear motor
  • Hermetic stove
  • Optional single ducting Ø60mm

 Measures and data are indicative. The parent company reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, without notice, for either technical or commercial reasons.


Nobis Technologies

The Nobis combustion system keeps the flame balanced, maintaining optimal combustion over time, without the need for any adjustment.

The new brazier and stove body offer a unique combustion experience with benefits like automatic cleaning, precise flame control, and clear flame visibility thanks to the glass cleaning system, all designed to minimise maintenance. Additionally, the NCS system ensures the brazier is cleaned only when necessary, unlike most other pellet products with fixed cleaning intervals