FIREX 600, the pleasure of the heat that lasts longer

Ravelli Air, Box, and Flow line stoves have a combustion chamber made from FIREX 600, a vermiculite based material developed by Ravelli after long and extensive research. FIREX 600 captures the heat generated by the flames, stores it then gradually releases it, improving combustion quality and keeping the firebox free from combustion residues via a process of pyrolysis. FIREX 600 combustion chamber linings give pellet stoves the same heating effect normally associated with natural wood burners.

The main characteristics of FIREX 600 are:

  • excellent resistance to high temperatures and the prolonged action of fire
  • excellent resistance to thermal shock
  • exceptionally easy maintenance and replacement
  • excellent insulating capacity for improved combustion
  • pyrolytic action: turns white on reaching operating temperature
  • improved stove efficiency
  • extremely light weight


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