Natural Convection

Natural Convection The system that enhances the natural air circulation and heat distribution ensuring a uniform temperature.




The system that enhances the natural air circulation and heat distribution ensuring a uniform temperature.

Dual Convection

Dual Convection




Conceived to offer the daily comfort you deserve, the Ravelli stoves with Dual Convection combine the advantages of natural convection and forced ventilation.

Intelligent Brazier

Intelligent Brazier Self-cleaning precision casting brazier for better cleaning that maximizes energy efficiency.




Self-cleaning precision casting brazier for better cleaning that maximizes energy efficiency.


Ash Pan





A functional and easily accessible ash pan collects all the burned out ash.

Cast Majolica Body





The attractively shaped stove body is in colourful majolica for a high prestige finish and excellent heat diffusion

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Eco-start Quick Ignition





The Eco-Start ignition system ensures that the stove lights quickly and safely. By reducing the time for which the ignition element has to operate, the system dramatically extends its life.





The combustion chamber of Ravelli products are made of FIREX600 a particular material obtained from processing the vermiculite.

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Glass Cleaning System





An additional air duct creates an air passage between the flame and the ceramic glass, ensuring cleaning for several hours





It allows to improve the air quality in too dry rooms. Natural essences and oils can also be added to create a pleasant and relaxing environment the system dramatically extends its life.

Ravelli Dynamic System




RDS is Ravelli’s innovative system for automatically regulating combustion parameters and ensuring maximum efficiency and safety from your stove.

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Ravelli Flow System




The exclusive system for ducted stoves guarantees a control on the diffusion of the heat in different rooms, to get the ideal temperature.

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Ravelli Hermetic System




Sealed combustion chamber for passive houses: the air is taken from outside, in this way the stove does not take the air away from the room.

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Double Cleaning System of the self-cleaning brazier, the machine performs an automatic double cleaning. The first, when there is an excess of oxygen, cleans the brazier; the second cleans the embers.

Ceramic Ignitor

This ensures ignition in a short time because it reaches very quickly temperatures > 750 °C. It is characterised by high energy efficiency and reliability over time much greater compared to a traditional resistance, being very resistant to thermal stresses and corrosion.

Total Control

Total Control is born from the union between Ravelli Double Cleaning System and Probe K for better efficiency and functionality.

Flow Meter

The flow meters acts as an additional safety system in case of anomalies.

Thermocouple probe ‘K’

It detects the temperature of the flame in the combustion chamber and allows a more reliable and rapid control in the switching on, switching off and re-ignition hot automatic stages of the boiler.

Pellet Pilot

Directly associated with the work of K Probe , Pellet Pilot is an innovative system for controlling the pellet load based on the maximum and minimum working power of the machine, maintaining ideal consumption levels.


The helix shape of the turbulators reduces the speed of the emissions released by the combustion process, increasing machine performance and keeping the exchanger clean.

Steel Heat Exchanger





The stainless steel heat exchanger increases fire resistance, the life of the stoves and avoids the classic wear problems.






A timer-thermostat lets you program in two ignition times and two finish times so that you can make optimal daily and weekly use of the stove

Touch Remote

The remote control uses radio frequencies, this allows you to control the stove and regulate its functions from another room, optimising accessibility and comfort.

Remote Control





A practical and convenient remote control allows you to adjust temperature and power as required.

Ravelli Smart Wifi

The new App Ravelli Wi-Fi allows you to manage your pellet stove or fireplace via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, wherever you are and whenever you want.