Ravelli Dynamic System

RDS, the fire follows our rules

RDS is an innovative system for self-regulation of fuel parameters to guarantee higher performance and safety. An absolute innovation in the field of biomass and combustion! RDS is the result of investment in research and collaboration with the University of Brescia (Italy), Department of Mechanical Engineering

Normal internal combustion stoves generate energy, which is released to the environment in the form of heat. The chemical relationship between mixing pellets with air produces two results: energy in the form of flame and heat, and residual substances that are not transformed into energy - ash. In order to optimize energy production, one must know the chemical composition of the pellets, based on which the correct amount of air must be provided, thus guaranteeing the correct air-pellet ratio and obtaining optimal combustion.

This relationship is called the stoichiometric ratio: the RDS system allows the pellet stove to always have the exact amount of air needed to obtain a perfect stoichiometric ratio. Normal variation in external factors such as pellet quality, chimney draft, height at which the pellet stove is installed, and operating temperature affect the optimal performance of normal pellet stoves. The RDS system automatically analyzes all these parameters, changing the settings of the pellet stove and thus guaranteeing always optimal combustion and maximum efficiency!