Radiant Heat

Why is radiant heat healthier than convection heat.

Radiant heat: More than just hot air

Why is radiant heat healthier than convection heat?

Tonwerk storage heaters primarily emit radiant heat due to their low average surface temperature (< 90° C) and large surface area – and this over several hours without refilling. In wood burning stoves, very high temperatures are reached on small steel surfaces (> 180° C), which creates a high proportion of convection heat.

All objects in a room, whether on the floor or on the ceiling, are evenly heated by the radiant heat.
Radiant heat are infrared rays that act over long distances and heat them when they hit objects. In humans, the short-wave infrared rays penetrate up to 10 mm into the skin and heat the blood vessels there, so that the heat is distributed throughout the body via the blood.

With convection heat, the room air is heated strongly and used as a carrier medium.
Due to its lower density, the strongly heated air rises and collects on the ceiling, causing strong air shifts and dust swirling in the room. In addition, the moisture of the warm air condenses on the walls.

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