T-Sky wood burning storage stove suitable for Passive houses

The magic of fire, in a class of its own – modern, functional and astounding

Like the other models in the range, T-SKY eco2 impresses with a perfect combination of ecology, innovation and design. With its soft fluid shapes and elegant side walls that curve slightly to the rear, the T-SKY is neither angular nor round. It achieves something even better: its unique form manages to blend in with shapes of all types. The lavish front made entirely from curved glass completes its specific elegance, providing a fascinating fireside experience from any angle. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, all T-SKY eco2 components seem to float in unison. In addition to the patented highlights of the series, the T-SKY eco2 DUO series offers the tried and tested convection module for greater direct heating power. Another special feature is the heat-up valve installed in all T-SKY eco2 models, which supports the heating-up process even in challenging draught or weather conditions. Like all other Tonwerk storage heaters, this model can be customised with numerous hand-made stone claddings, the variable flue gas outlet and a 360° rotary disk that allows the furnace to rotate around its own axis. As a basis model, the T-SKY can also be delivered with a manual combustion air valve in place of the intelligent automatic air supply. All in all, the T-SKY eco2 sets a benchmark when it comes to style and unbeatable functionality. Impressive, extravagant and economical, a heater that meets all requirements.

Operation independent of indoor air (DlBt) certification for Passive House

All Tonwerk Eco² storage stoves have been subjected to a DIBt test. This test was developed in Germany and has been designed to test the effectiveness of the stoves room seal – particularly the airtightness of the stoves door. 

A wood stove that has passed the DIBt test is able to handle any air pressure changes that may occur as a result of the use of  MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) system in a property. All Tonwerk Eco² stoves have a direct air supply, which makes them effectively 100% room sealed.


Product Description

Heat output: 1.6kw for over 16 hours

Dimensions (H/W/D): 1646/475/570mm

Flue outlet diameter/position: 150mm/top or rear

Weight: 380kg

Fuel: wood logs

DIBt Cert: Z-43.12-383 Room-air-independent operation

Colour options: visit manufacturers website 


  • Storage heating stove – heat storage capacity>15kWh
  • External air connection
  • Automatic air control
  • Rotating system (optional)

Measures and data are indicative. The parent company reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, without notice, for either technical or commercial reasons.

T SKY ergonomically shaped handle,

Thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle, the safe opening and closing of the firebox door is easy.

Tonwerk T Sky top exit flue

The special shape of the T-SKY impressively combines the large stone elements and the curved glass front.

T-SKY DUO offers the convection module

The T-SKY DUO offers the convection module as an option - but every T-SKY has the manual heater slider.

The individually handmade stone cladding makes every T-SKY unique.

The individually handmade stone cladding makes every T-SKY unique.