T-LINE eco2

T Line Eco  Wood Burning Storage Stove

Heating in top form – simply fire the stove, and enjoy the heat

Flexibility is always a good property. In this respect, the T-LINE eco2, available in a range of cast stones, harmonises with every environment and presents an impressive look of self-assuredness. With its large glass face and the intriguing contours, this storage champion with the optional rotating function presents a highly impressive picture in any position.

 With the patented automatic air supply and top down combustion, the eco2 heating principle ensures uniform combustion and an impressive play of flickering flames without any intervention in the supply of air. You need only fire it up – the rest is regulated by the T-LINE eco2 itself. The results are just as impressive as the T-NEO eco2, with over sixteen hours of long lasting, gentle radiated heat. Just light the fire in the morning – and still enjoy the warmth the following evening. The combination of healthy warmth and efficient heating couldn’t be easier. For even greater heating needs, the T-LINE eco2 is also available as a tall version.

In conjunction with the water carrying Aqua Module, the optional system PLUS for the T-LINE eco2 PLUS combines the special atmosphere created by flickering flames with the additional benefit of heat distributed throughout the home. Up to 50% of the available energy can then be supplied to the heating circuit. Tested in accordance with the standard EN 15250 for slow heat release appliances, it provides modern, sustained heating and maintains the quality of healthy radiated heat. A genuine storage heating stove.

“I can only say: pure, unadulterated feel good heat. The T-LINE is a true all-rounder that rightly deserves the name of heating miracle.”

Operation independent of indoor air (DlBt) certification for Passive House

Product Description

Heat output: 1.6kw for over 10 hours

Dimensions (H/W/D): 1380/510/570mm

Flue outlet diameter/position: 150mm/top or rear

Weight: 430kg

Fuel: wood logs

Colour options:

visit manufacturers website for colour/finish combinations


  • Storage heating stove – heat storage capacity>20kWh
  • External air connection
  • Automatic air control
  • Rotating system (optional)
  • Heat exchanger module for running a water system (optional)

Measures and data are indicative. The parent company reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, without notice, for either technical or commercial reasons.