Tonwerk Stoves Eco² Series

Eco² Series  is a range of four storage stoves giving you award-winning design and a wealth of features to keep your home warm and cosy.

Eco²  Series certified for Passive House

The Eco² series uses Tonwerk cutting-edge technology to produce the best in eco-friendly storage stoves that minimise emissions and fuel consumption. Does this sound like less warmth and comfort? Far from it. Just one load of wood will drive around sixteen hours of radiated warmth, and the T-NEO eco² gives you the option of convected heat as well. The T-Line eco² and the T-Neo eco²  offer the PLUS option which means they can be used to power your central heating system either entirely or as a useful supplement.

Rigorously defined leakage rates for high air tightness with (DlBt) certification.