Tonwerk Stoves Eco² Series

Eco² Series  is a range of four storage stoves giving you award-winning design and a wealth of features to keep your home warm and cosy.

Eco²  Series certified for Passive House

The Eco² series uses Tonwerk cutting-edge technology to produce the best in eco-friendly storage stoves that minimise emissions and fuel consumption. Does this sound like less warmth and comfort? Far from it. Just one load of wood will drive around sixteen hours of radiated warmth, and the T-NEO eco² gives you the option of convected heat as well. The T-Line eco² and the T-Neo eco²  offer the PLUS option which means they can be used to power your central heating system either entirely or as a useful supplement.

Rigorously defined leakage rates for high air tightness with (DlBt) certification.

All Tonwerk Eco² storage stoves have been subjected to a DIBt test. This test was developed in Germany and has been designed to test the effectiveness of the stoves room seal – particularly the airtightness of the stoves door. 

A wood stove that has passed the DIBt test is able to handle any air pressure changes that may occur as a result of the use of  MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) system in a property. All Tonwerk Eco² stoves have a direct air supply, which makes them effectively 100% room sealed.

T-Line Eco²

Flexibility is always a good quality. In this sense, the T-LINE, available in different cast stones, harmonizes with any environment and impresses with its confident appearance. With its large glass front and interesting contours.

T-Neo Eco²

This description probably does justice to the T-NEO best. Its inimitable design stands out pleasantly from the crowd. The large, continuous stone cladding with its characteristic curves are, as usual with Tonwerk.

T-Sky Eco²

As it could not be better, the T-SKY combines ecology, innovation and design to an impressive degree. Its generous front, made entirely of curved glass, impressively rounds off its special design and provides a fascinating fire experience from every angle.

T-Art Eco²

With the T-ART, a storage furnace was created that confidently conveys the outstanding virtues of Tonwerk technology to the outside world. The T-ART captivates the viewer, whether as an elegant piece of furniture or stove with a seemingly play of flames.

Tonwerk Factory

Tonwerk wood storage stoves Factory made in Switzerland

Each product is truly unique

Tonwerk products are made by hand «Made in Switzerland». Each product is truly unique. A large selection of natural raw materials gives the Tonwerk storage heaters their unmistakable appearance. According to a special recipe, which is still unique today, the raw materials are mixed and formed into an attractive outer shell with optimal storage properties. In this way, each cast stone receives its individual shape, precisely tailored to the technical requirements of the respective storage furnace.

Tonwerk History

The History of Tonwerk wood storage stoves Factory made in Switzerland

Swiss tradition since 1872

Foundation of Tonwerk Lausen – production of refractory products such as bricks, bricks, refractory bricks as well as glazed and refractory tableware . 
1999:  Market launch in Switzerland T-ONE SWING, T-ONE STONE.
2007: Tonwerk delivers to 10 European countries an Japan.
2016:  Tonwerk Lausen AG merges with Tiba AG and becomes Switzerland's largest supplier wood stoves.

Tonwerk Philosophy

Tonwerk philosphy from the people who understand their craft

Our Philosophy

Our manufactory has set itself the goal of creating a living space for the wood fire through innovative technology, the highest quality and extraordinary design and thus inspiring our customers. With a passion for perfection, our team of highly motivated and qualified employees masters this task. The healthy growth of our company is based on continuous investments in product development and the associated perfection of our core competence in the field of wood firing.