Tonwerk T BAKE wood burning storage stove made in Switzerland

For lovers of timeless aesthetics

Straight, unembellished, and honest –probably the best description of the T-ONE STONE. Its simple elegance is shown to full advantage no matter the outfit. In addition to cast stone cladding, you can also choose a look from Nero Absolute, smooth soapstone, Himalayan sandstone, or decorative concrete. Its cubic design is under scored by the continuous glass face presenting a perfect view into the flames. Like the T-ONE SWING, this too features a vertical firing chamber for optimised top down combustion and high efficiency.

Notwithstanding its unembellished, multiple award winning design, the T-ONE STONE also presents a completely different side that appeals to all of the senses: the optional baking attachment transforms it into the genuine gourmet stove T-BACK, and your home into a bakery filled with the aroma of fresh bread. What other modern stove can offer you the option of baking bread, cake, or fresh pizza in addition to hours of healthy radiated heat?

A unique experience for the whole family, without additional consumption of energy. In the T-ONE STONE, Tonwerk has created a stove for aesthetes and gourmets.


Product Description

Heat output: 3.0 - 7.0kw

Dimensions (H/W/D): 1770 /405 /395mm

Flue outlet diameter/position: 150mm/top

Weight: 200 - 225kg

Fuel: wood logs

Colour options:
visit manufacturers website for colour/finish combinations


  • Storage heating stove – heating time > 6 hours with one charge of wood
  • External air connection
  • Automatic air control
  • Rotating system (option)

Measures and data are indicative. The parent company reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, without notice, for either technical or commercial reasons.