Tonwerk classic series of wood burning storage heating stoves

Tonwerk Wood Storage Stoves - classic series

As its name suggests, the “classic” series of hand crafted Tonwerk storage heating stoves has already become established as a line of genuine classics in the world of innovative heating systems. Featuring an international award winning design and modern technology, the “classic” series presents exclusive stove's of the highest Swiss quality.

Tonwerk Classic Series is a range of four storage stoves giving you award-winning design and a wealth of features to keep your home warm and cosy. The rotating T-EYE design stands out from the linear design of the other Tonwerk storage heating stove's. The T-ONE STONE comes with an extra that will even bake bread for you! The exterior stone finish is available in a wide range of colours and textures, to fit in with your style and colour schemes perfectly.


T-One Stone

T-One Swing

Wood burning storage stoves made in Switzerland

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