Aqua Plus Module

The attractive heat source for the whole house

The attractive heat source for the whole house

The models with the additional designation PLUS can heat a house with the Aqua module depending on the heat requirement. The prerequisite for this is that it has been built or renovated according to low-energy standards. The Aqua module is installed between the storage block and the outer cladding (absorber principle). This significantly reduces the direct heat emission to the room, which is important for houses with low heat demand.

When burning just one load of 6 kg of wood, about 50% of the released energy is released as pleasant radiant heat and at the same time the remaining 50% is fed into the heating circuit. Thanks to constant efficiency, a heat transfer of approx. 8 – 9 hours is achieved per wood load: If you fire up the Tonwerk storage stove once in the morning and once in the evening, you have heat practically around the clock.

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