Tonwerk Accessories

Not only do Tonwerk's hand crafted stoves create that special atmosphere in your home, the clear, sculpture like design of their wood racks accentuates every living space with a discreet, yet fascinating charm. If you are to ignite your wood stove comfortably at any time, you should always have a certain stock of firewood on hand. With these elegant accessories from Tonwerk, your firewood not only finds a worthy home, but is presented in an appealing setting for your living room.

Glass Wood Storage Unit

The glass wood storage unit presents a captivating design of clear and elegant lines without any frills. Both wood rack models feature an integrated drawer (second drawer optional) providing enough space for everything you need for firing

Tonwerk glass wood storage racks

H 142 cm W 32 cm D 37 cm


Steel Wood Storage Unit

The wood rack‘s steel sections can easily take larger quantities of wood with a simple telescopic adjustment  range of heights. This means that any quantity of firewood can be stacked with elegant visually appealing compactness.

Tonwerk wood steel wood storage racks

H 100–160 cm W 32 cm D 36 cm

Wood Storage Box

If you prefer discreet storage for your firewood, the practical, multifunctional wood box is just the right thing for you. This aesthetic cube of various high quality materials finds space in every niche, and yet is surprisingly roomy. You can therefore place your firewood and lighting aids in separate compartments.

Tonwerk wood storage boxes

H 48 cm W 40 cm D 40 cm

Pizza Set

The original Tonwerk refractory pizza brick instantly converts your oven into a brick oven. Designed on pizza oven principles this pizza brick is a guarantee of excellent results. Whether freshly made or convenience your pizza base will gain that typically delicious touch that only this pizza brick can give.The brick is also suitable for making other pastries and baking bread. You’ll be thrilled!

The original pizza brick fits in all commercially available electric and gas ovens and can be used immediately.

The original Tonwerk refractory pizza brick converts your electric or gas oven into stone oven