Tonwerk Stoves

Tonwerk wood burning storage stove hermetically sealed for airtight or passive houses.

Tonwerk – warmth from a heart of stone 

Trust the ingenious Swiss to transform something cold into a source of warmth and comfort. Tonwerk brings the heat retaining properties of stone to bring you a storage stove that keeps on emitting warmth for hours on a single load of sustainably-sourced wood. Not only that, but the heat is steady – you won’t find your room is overheating or cooling off too rapidly which an open fire or flue stove can so easily cause.

 One load of wood. Up to twelve hours of comfort.

 Tonwerk uses the natural principle of radiated heat. This means there is no circulating air to stir up dust and small particles, making a Tonwek storage stove ideal for those with allergies. The secret is in the ceramic core and stone cladding. Just like rocks warmed by the sun, this special core absorbs the heat generated by the wood as it burns from the top to the bottom and this heat is slowly released long after the wood has burned away.

Choose from the Classic or the Eco² series.

Classic Series

The Classic range award-winning design provides an attractive visual focus and adapts to any style, be it classic or modern As a comfortable heating system on its own, the centre of your roomy home or as an elegant solution for small spaces (i.e. in a bathroom, under a sloping roof, etc.), there is just the right Tonwerk Storage Stove for your needs.

Eco2 Series

The Eco² range of stoves from Tonwerk are designed for Passive and air tight homes.The intelligent module converts your storage hove into a heat source that will fulfil the demands of the future as well. Features : Auto door closer • Intelligent automatic air supply - without electricity • Approved for applications independent of indoor air in low energy houses.

Automatic Door Lock

Automatic Air Damper

Direct Water Module

Aqua Module Passive

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