Tonwerk Stoves

Tonwerk wood burning storage stove hermetically sealed for airtight or passive houses.

Tonwerk – warmth from a heart of stone 

Discover the height of home heating innovation with Tonwerk wood stoves and wood storage stoves, available exclusively at Smartheat. Meticulously crafted with Swiss engineering excellence, Tonwerk stoves offer unmatched performance and durability. Featuring a unique ceramic core, these stoves boast exceptional heat accumulation properties, ensuring prolonged warmth even after the fire has subsided. 

Our collection includes innovative wood storage stoves, allowing you to optimize space while maintaining a sleek and organised appearance in your home. Experience consistent warmth and efficiency with our Tonwerk stoves, designed to distribute heat evenly for maximum comfort on even the coldest days. 

Choose sustainability without compromise with our eco-friendly heating solutions, engineered to burn wood efficiently and reduce emissions. Explore our exclusive Tonwerk collection, available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any home decor. With expert guidance from our knowledgeable team and exceptional customer service, Smartheat is your destination for premium Tonwerk wood stoves and wood storage stoves. Visit our showroom or contact us today to elevate your home heating experience.

Classic Series

The Classic range award-winning design provides an attractive visual focus and adapts to any style, be it classic or modern As a comfortable heating system on its own, the centre of your roomy home or as an elegant solution for small spaces (i.e. in a bathroom, under a sloping roof, etc.), there is just the right Tonwerk Storage Stove for your needs.

Eco2 Series

The Eco² range of stoves from Tonwerk are designed for Passive and air tight homes.The intelligent module converts your storage hove into a heat source that will fulfil the demands of the future as well. Features : Auto door closer • Intelligent automatic air supply - without electricity • Approved for applications independent of indoor air in low energy houses.

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Direct Water Module

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