Wood Pellet Stove Room Heaters

Silent natural convection wood pellet stoves room heaters

Natural Convection Wood Pellet Stoves

Efficiency and silence - The perfect stove

Step into the world of cosy living with the Ravelli Air Pellet Stove! Our smart heating solution combines top-notch engineering, eco-friendliness, and easy operation to keep you warm and comfortable. The magic lies in our stove's two heating options: a gentle, silent mode using natural convection to slowly warm your space or a fast, even heat with forced ventilation when you need a quick cosy-up. You're in control! But what really sets the Ravelli Air Pellet Stove apart is our self-cleaning burner. Say goodbye to constant ash cleanup – you'll only need to empty the ash pan after 100 Kg of pellets have been used. And when you want a super quiet environment, just turn off the fan. It's like having two heating methods in one appliance. Experience the future of home heating with Ravelli, where advanced technology meets user-friendliness. Enjoy a warm and serene atmosphere as it should be. Upgrade your home's comfort and reduce your environmental impact with Ravelli!

Aria 6.3KW

Alfa S 7.2KW

Whisper 7.2KW

Flexi 7.4KW

Flexi 9.1KW

Flexi 10.7KW

Circular 9KW

Elettra 8.9KW

Forced Ventilation Wood Pellet Stoves

Ravelli Air,ventilated stove

Discover the versatility of Ravelli Air wood pellet stoves, offering a diverse range of styles to match your preferences, whether you favour a traditional or modern aesthetic. These ventilated stoves guarantee a warm and cosy room exactly when you want it. Thanks to their automatic, electronically managed systems, your Ravelli Air stove effortlessly transforms any space into a haven of warmth and comfort.

Dual 7.2KW

R70 7.1KW

S70 7.1KW

S90 8.7KW

RV80 8.1KW

Sphere 12.1KW

RV110 11.5KW

RV120 Touch 12.1KW