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Silent natural convection wood pellet stoves room heaters

Natural Convection Wood Pellet Stoves

Efficiency and silence - The perfect stove

Wood pellet stoves with natural convection or forced ventilation, are the cleanest and most efficient stoves for heating your home.  Natural Convection, enjoy the silence and comfort of convection and radiant heat. Ventilated Convection Stoves, combine the advantages of forced ventilation and natural convection with the option to switch off the fan: two methods of heating in a single product. In our new models, this system is particularly pronounced. The body of the stove has been carefully designed to ensure maximum circulation of hot air. There is no need for a convection fan, usually found on standard wood pellet stoves, which generates noise and raises dust. In addition, thanks Ravelli’s self-cleaning patented burner, the stove has a more natural flame which is hard to distinguish from a wood stove. Cleaning of the combustion chamber is reduced to a minimum, ash pan only needing empting after 100Kg of pellets burnt.

Aria A6

Alfa S A7

Whisper A7

Flexi A7

Flexi A/C9

Flexi A/C11

Circular A9

Elettra A/C9

Forced Ventilation Wood Pellet Stoves

Ravelli Air,ventilated stove

Ravelli Air, a range wood pellet stoves that gives you a wide choice to suit your style and taste. From the traditional look to something sleek and modern, the ventilated wood pellet stove will ensure your room is always warm at your desired time. With automatic, electronically managed systems your Air stove will transform any room. 

RV80 V8

Sphere V12

RV110 V10

RV120 Touch V12