Firemizer Medium


Firemizer is a unique heat grid that is easy to use andproven to optimize the performance of solid fuel fires and stoves

  • Maximize duration and efficiency of burn
  • Reduce fuel usage by up to 33%
  • Minimize creosote in chimney by up to 57%
  • Lower impact on environment
  • More time to enjoy your fire

Medium : 180mm x 420mm (7in x 16.5in)

For stoves and large fireplaces

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Firemizer is manufactured from a special blend of stainless steel alloys using a patented process which involves displacing molten metal at >1600°C onto a fast spinning cooled drum to create metal fibres that are extremely durable and conductive. These fibres are then welded together and cut to create a flexible heat grid that can be placed at the base of a fire or stove to spread the heat evenly and make the fire burn longer.

Firemizer has been designed for use in the majority of domestic wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves.

Firemizer has also been shown to reduce the emission of creosote by up to 57% which will help to reduce the build-up of soot in chimneys and on the glass of stove doors.

Firemizer has been specifically designed for use with seasoned firewood, good quality coal or a combination of firewood and coal as fuel usage is typically reduced by up to 33% with these fuels.

Firemizer will typically last for 500 burning hours – which is equivalent to 6 weeks if used for 12 hours per day – you will then notice some of the filaments starting to break and there will be a reduction in efficiency if it is not replaced. The working life can be reduced if you burn unseasoned wood or cheap coal containing lots of impurities.

The fuel will burn more thoroughly and there will be a considerable reduction in the amount of ash produced. The resulting ash will be a very fine powder with no lumps and will pass through the grid, although any ash that does build up can be simply dusted off before each new fire.


Shell Springboard Award

Shell Springboard aims to find the UK’s next big business idea in low carbon technology and innovation. Every year, they have awarded £330,000 to innovative and commercially viable business ideas that aim to reduce carbon emissions.

The first generation CoalMiser product was a Regional Winner of the 2011 Shell Springboard Awards and the £30,000 prize has helped Microtex develop the technology further so that we could then create the second generation Firemizer product.

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