Cure condensation dampness and remove allergens and pollutants from the home with the low-energy ventilation unit, DRI-ECO-LINK-HC from the inventors of PIV.
This unit can be fitted  additional RF sensors and controls.


• Improve indoor air quality
• Resolve condensation issues
• Significantly reduce dust
• Reduce Radon gas levels
• Help allergy and asthma sufferer

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The DRI-ECO-LINK-HC provides whole home ventilation using the Positive Input Ventilation principle. Essentially the concept is to introduce fresh, filtered air into the dwelling at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside. To achieve this, the unit is mounted in the loft space, drawing air through the filters and inputting it, at ceiling level, into the property.

This unit’s integral radio frequency receiver allows additional functions with optional remote and wired sensors and switches, listed below. This unit also comes with a 7 segment display in the ceiling diffuser, offering complete control at the touch of a button without needing access to the unit located in the loft space. A lock function can be used to ensure the system remains tamper-proof.

Our range of DRIMASTER-ECO units are fitted with an internal temperature sensor. This sensor continuously monitors the temperature in the loft, boosting the air volume when the loft temperature is above a set level. If the loft temperature becomes excessive the unit will switch to standby mode (no airflow). Once installed, the airflow can be set to suit the house size and, if required, the way it responds to the temperature changes within.

Choice of sensors include:

DRI-ECO-2S. A 2 switch controller that can be located anywhere within the property and allows manual control over the units boost function

DRI-ECO-CO2. A Carbon Dioxide detector which must be wired in to the properties mains power supply. This sensor will trigger the units boost function should Carbon Dioxide levels rise above a set point within the home, therefore increasing the airflow and forcing the polluted air out of the property.

DRI-ECO-RH. A Remote Humidity sensor that measures the levels of humidity in the home and prompts the unit to enter boost mode, increasing the airflow and bring RH levels back to a comfortable level.

Features and Benefits:

  • Improved indoor air quality and healthy living environment– indoor pollutants from cooking and cleaning, as well as outdoor pollutants including traffic fumes, pollen and Radon gas are eradicated from the home.
  • Occupant controllability – A remote switch DRI-ECO-2S is available to provide the occupants control of their own comfort within the home.
  • Optional Additional Sensors – Remote carbon dioxide detector DRI-ECO-C02 and relative humidity sensors DRI-ECO-RH will automatically raise the fans
    speed when set levels are measured to maintain good air quality.
  • Easy & simple installation – under one hour.
  • Modern, sleek circular diffuser – Provides occupant acceptability.
  • Hall Control – System controls located in the ceiling diffuser for easy commission and access for maintenance checks.
  • Filter change indicator – to ensure optimum performance is maintained.
  • Very low maintenance – filter clean or replacement every five years.
  • Extremely energy efficient – System goes into standby during warmer months when there is no evidence of condensation.
  • Health benefit – clinically proven to help allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • 7 year warranty – for peace of mind.

Download: Dri-Eco-Link-HC-Installation and Maintenance                        Dri-Eco-Link-HC-User Manual

How to install a Drimaster PIV


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