Ravelli HRV 160 Design wood pellet boiler stove

Ravelli Pellet Boiler Stoves

Stoves for all your heating and hot water needs

Ravelli's pellet boiler stoves are here to make your home cosy and eco-friendly. They're incredibly versatile, capable of replacing or working alongside your existing gas or oil boiler, which can help you save on costs and be kind to the environment

But what makes them extra special is the comfort they bring. These stoves are low-maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying warmth and less time cleaning and fussing with them. Plus, they're super efficient, with a performance that reach up to 95%.

Now, here's the tech magic: they come with self-cleaning burners that make your life easier and boost energy efficiency. Quick ignition is guaranteed thanks to ceramic resistance, and the innovative RDS system keeps everything running smoothly. These boiler stoves are your ideal companions for hassle-free, eco-conscious home heating and hot water.

HRV100 Touch 13.6KW

HRV 120 Globe 16.3KW

HRV140 Touch 18.6KW

HRV140 Globe 18.6KW

HRV160 Touch 20KW

HRV160 Steel 20KW

HRV160 Design 20KW

Hrv140 Silhouette 18.5KW

Hrv180 Silhouette 23KW

HRV 200 23.6Kw

RBH 150V 19.7KW

RBH 200V 26KW