Nobis’ brushless technology


The new fire, in silence

The use of a brushless gear motor for pellet loading offers distinct advantages over traditional brushed motors, as it operates without sliding electrical contacts (brushes) on the rotor shaft. The brushless motor relies on electronic control to switch the current in the stator windings and adjust the magnetic field orientation, resulting in lower mechanical resistance, reduced maintenance needs, and a quieter operation due to the absence of physical friction. The stove's electronic board monitors electrical consumption and torque, adapting performance to various pellet types via ELEMENTO software.

The brazier's design enables a quiet suction motor operation, thanks to its circular shape that promotes a natural flame development and visual quality. Additionally, the choice of fans and air passage channels is optimised for minimal noise, even during ventilation. The cast iron heat exchangers are uniquely shaped to leverage the Venturi effect, enhancing air velocity without requiring forced ventilation, ensuring efficient convection without any disruptive noise.