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The new NOBIS pellet stoves are a game-changer in the market, known for being quiet, reliable, and equipped with the latest technology. These stoves are a testament to NOBIS's commitment to innovation through extensive research and development.

NOBIS offers a range of pellet stoves that prioritise heat quality, eco-friendliness, and well-being. These stoves efficiently distribute heat using unique cast iron heat exchangers, utilising both natural convection and forced airflow.

What sets them apart is the automatic self-cleaning brazier, which ensures that the stove operates efficiently without the need for constant maintenance and adjustments. This, combined with the captivating combustion chamber, concealed pellet loading system, and generously sized window, provides a mesmerising view of the flames. A newly designed grate integrated into the stove guarantees efficient burning of various pellet types without constant adjustments and cleaning.

Moreover, these stoves incorporate a pellet loading motor with advanced brushless technology, reducing electricity consumption and operating silently. It maintains a consistent fuel supply, eliminating the typical fluctuations in heat output. Sensors continuously monitor temperatures for optimal energy usage.

Heat can be distributed quietly through natural convection or with the help of fans, allowing independent heating of multiple rooms with customizable settings. Innovative safety features ensure reliability.

Despite their advanced capabilities, these stoves maintain an elegant and minimalist design, free from distracting displays. They can be easily controlled with an intuitive (RF) radio frequency handheld remote and a Wi-Fi kit, making them a pioneering solution for modern homes.

Unica A10 V/C Hybrid Stove

The Unica hybrid stove offers a versatile heating solution, accommodating both wood logs and wood pellets with ease. Its ingeniously designed single combustion chamber ensures the efficient and optimal burning of both fuel types, making it a practical choice for those seeking flexibility and sustainability in their heating options. Whether you prefer the traditional warmth of wood logs or the convenience of wood pellets, the Unica hybrid stove promises an environmentally friendly and cost-effective heating experience.                                                                  

Nobis Air Pellet Stoves

NOBIS offers a diverse range of air pellet stoves, featuring a revolutionary combustion system that prioritises heat quality, eco-sustainability, and well-being. The cast iron heat exchangers' unique geometry ensures highly efficient heat diffusion, whether through natural convection, forced ventilation, or an optional ducted airflow system. These stoves not only deliver outstanding heating performance but also support eco-friendly practices, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious homeowners seeking a balance between warmth and sustainability.

Nobis combustion system

The system keeps the flame balanced, maintaining optimal combustion over time, without the need for any adjustment.

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Products born to last

The stove body is made of certified high thickness materials. The welding is completely robotized, in order to guarantee a constant quality over time.

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Nobis' "brushless" technology

The brushless loading system, in addition to reducing power consumption, guarantees silence, safety and loading precision with all types and sizes of pellets.

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Automatic cleaning system

The new cast iron brazier carries out cleaning cycles of the burner in a fully automatic way and in the real moment of need.

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Shielded pellet loading

The new loading system makes the pellet descent invisible, leaving a complete and pleasant view of the flame.

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Long-lasting clean glass

Thanks to a special engineering construction that exploits the movement of air, the stove glass remains clean for a long time, ensuring a perfect view of the flame.

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Benefits of Nobis Pellets Stoves

Wood pellet stoves are incredibly easy to use. To start the stove, you simply fill the pellet hopper with wood pellets and press a button on the remote control. Unlike traditional wood-burning stoves, there's no need to handle messy firewood or deal with ashes.

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