Nobis A12 V/C Elena

 Nobis A12 Elena  Silent Natural Silent Convection Pellet Stove

Nobis A12 V/C Elena

Introducing the Nobis A12 V/C Elena Air Pellet Stove, a perfect blend of efficiency and elegance. Featuring a painted steel coating, this stove offers a stunning view of the flame through ceramic glass resistant up to 800°C.

Maintenance is simplified with the automatic brazier cleaning system. Enjoy comfortable heating with standard front ventilation. For versatile installation, there's an optional rear ducting kit that can extend up to 8 metres, allowing you to customise the setup according to your space.

Experience warmth and style with the Nobis A12 V/C Elena Pellet Stove.

Heats area up to           



 5.2 - 12.5 kW

Size W x H x D (mm)

714 x 1190 x 360 mm

Pellet fuel consumption per hour min/max (Kg/h) 1.08 - 2.61
Efficiency (%) 88.9 - 89.2
Flue exit pipe (Ø mm) 80
Tank capacity (Kg) 23
Burn time min/max (hours) 8.82 - 21.24
Installed power (W)15 V 15 / C 60
Net weight (Kg) 130
Flue Temperature ( °C )  185



  • Front ventilation
  • 7 power levels
  • Practical ash drawer
  • High performance stainless steel heat exchangers
  • Combustion chamber in high yield vermiculite
  • 5mm ceramic glass
  • Optional single ducting up to 8 metres (only for Elena 12 C model)

 Measures and data are indicative. The parent company reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, without notice, for either technical or commercial reasons.


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