Nobis Air Pellet Stoves

NOBIS offers a range of air pellet stoves featuring a revolutionary combustion system that optimises the quality of heat while maximising eco-sustainability and well-being. The special geometry of the cast iron heat exchangers enable a particularly effective diffusion of heat, whether using natural convection, forced ventilation / or optional ducted airflow system. The specially designed combustion chamber, the hidden pellet loading system and a large window combine to give a spectacular view of the flame pattern.

Lisa A7 V/C

Unica A10 V/C Hybrid Stove

Style A8 V/C

Round A8 V/C

Quadra A8 V/C

Zenith A9 V/C

Classic A9 V/C

Lisa A10 V/C

Style A10 V/C

Classic Plus A10 V/C

Zenith Plus A10 V/C

Round A10 V/C

Light A10 V/C

Classic Plus A10 V/C

Round A13 V/C

Zenith A11 V/C

Elena A12 V/C

Zenith A13 V/C