Nobis Air Pellet Stoves

NOBIS's air pellet stoves are at the forefront of heating technology. They incorporate a revolutionary combustion system, ensuring high-quality heat while prioritising eco-sustainability and well-being. The unique design of the cast iron heat exchangers ensures efficient heat distribution through natural convection, forced ventilation, or an optional ducted airflow system. These stoves also feature an automatic self-cleaning burner system, which further enhances their eco-friendly and user-friendly qualities.

In addition to their advanced features, NOBIS air pellet stoves offer seamless control and monitoring through Wi-Fi connectivity. This intelligent system allows you to have complete control over your stove, adjusting temperature settings and scheduling with ease, all from the convenience of your smartphone. The large viewing window provides a mesmerising view of the captivating flame pattern, making these stoves a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a NOBIS air pellet stove while knowing you're making an eco-conscious choice for your home heating needs, with the added convenience of Wi-Fi control.

A7 Lisa 7KW

A10 Unica Hybrid Stove 9.3KW

A8 Style 8.5KW

A8 Round 8.5KW

A8 Quadra 8.5Kw

A9 Zenith 9.5Kw

A9 Classic 9.5Kw

A10 Lisa 10.5KW

A10 Style 10.4KW

A10 Classic Plus 10.4KW

A10 Zenith Plus 10.4KW

A10 Round 10.4KW

A10 Light 10.4KW

A11 Round Plus 11KW

A13 Round 13KW

A11 Zenith 11KW

A12 Elena 12.5KW

A13 Zenith 13KW