RBH 150V

Insert Wood Pellet Boiler Stove for Central Heating

Insert Wood Pellet Boiler Stove for Central Heating

The RBH 150 is a powerful insert pellet stove boiler suitable for heating radiators, hot water and underfloor heating systems. The pellet stove boiler can be installed in conjunction with an existing heating system or as a standalone unit. Thanks to the adjustable power settings the RBH 150 is ideal for heating medium to large sized homes up to 430mt3. The stove’s large 24Kg internal hopper ensures it can run for long periods without refilling; up to 13 hours from just one fill of pellets.

The boiler insert stove is fully automatic, similar to gas or oil boilers. The built in seven day programmer is fully adjustable in terms of time and temperature, so your home will always be warm at your desired time. This pellet boiler stove works just as well as a modern gas or oil central heating boiler, but with enjoyment of a flame.

 Ravelli stoves feature a 'Silent system; this system ensures that the noise levels are greatly reduced, making Ravelli pellet stoves among the quietest on the market. The RBH 160 insert boiler stove comes standard with RDS system, and touch remote.

Heats area up to            430 m3    
Total power (Kw) 9.2 - 19.7
Power to Water (Kw) 7.0 - 15.4
Size W x H x D (mm) 770 - 720 - 650
Pellet fuel consumption per hour min/max (Kg/h) 1.9 - 4.0
Efficiency (%) 93.1
Flue exit pipe (Ø mm) 100
Tank capacity (Kg) 24
Burn time min/max (h) 6.0 - 13.0
Installed power (W) 130
Net weight (Kg) 185


Ravelli Technologies



  • Front glass
  • Aluminum grill
  • One frontal fan
  • Optional right and front pellet loading drawer
  • Stand for fireplaces included
  • Touch remote

Measures and data are indicative. The parent company reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, without notice, for either technical or commercial reasons.



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