R1000 insert pellet stove for existing fireplace

Insert Wood pellet Stove

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Heats up to            205 m3    
Power 3.6 - 8.5     
Size B x H x D (mm) 790 - 588 - 453
Pellet fuel consumption per hour min/max (Kg/h) 0.85 - 2.0
Efficiency (%) 87.9
Flue exit pipe (Ø mm) 80
Tank capacity (Kg) 13
Burn time min/max (h) 6.5 - 15.0
Installed power (W) 115
Net weight (Kg) 97



Glass Cleaning System
An additional air duct creates an air passage between the flame and the ceramic glass, ensuring cleaning for several hours.
A timer-thermostat lets you program in four ignition times and four finish times so that you can make optimal daily and weekly use of the stove..
The combustion chamber is lined with Firex 600, a vermiculite based material developed by Ravelli. This captures the heat generated by the flames, stores and gradually releases it, improving combustion quality and keeping the firebox free from combustion residues via a process of pyrolysis.
The stainless steel heat exchanger increases fire resistance, the life of the stoves and avoids the classic wear problems.
A practical and convenient remote control allows you to adjust temperature and power as required.
Ravelli Wifi (Optional)
The new App Ravelli Wi-Fi allows you to manage your pellet stove or fireplace via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, wherever you are and whenever you want.


Ravelli stoves feature a 'Silence system’. This system ensures that the noise is greatly reduced. This makes our stoves among the quietest on the market.

  • Finished in black painted steel
  • Combustion chamber in FIREX 600
  • Cast iron burn-pot
  • Glass-ceramic door, heat resistant up to 750°C
  • Controls remote control with display
  • Centrifugal fan heating
  • Double safety system
  • Glass cleaning system
  • Standard programmable thermostat

Measures and data are indicative. The parent company reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, without notice, for either technical or commercial reasons.



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