Insert Pellet Stoves

The Ravelli Box range of insert pellet stoves is designed for ultra modern fireplace, with superb energy efficiency.

Insert Pellet stoves

Ravelli Box – enjoy the beauty of an inset fire

Insert wood pellet stoves from Ravelli are designed for you to enjoy and experience the style of a modern fireplace with superb energy efficiency. You’ll be mesmerised by the flames viewed through the wide glass door and with minimum heat loss up the chimney. It’s a fireplace with functionality as well as good looks.


R 1000 Box

Heat Output - 8.5Kw

RCV 1000 Box

Heat Output - 10.0Kw

RBH 150V Boiler

Heat Output - 19.7KW

RBH 200V Boiler

Heat Output - 26.2KW

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