Ducted Pellet Stoves

Flexi 11 pellet stove is a flexible and fully customisable heating solution

Heat Several Rooms with one Stove

Ravelli ducted pellet stoves bring a delightful transformation to home heating. They allow you to efficiently control the temperature in multiple rooms, even on different floors. These stoves are connected to insulated ducting pipes, distributing the warm air to rooms both above and adjacent to the stove's location. With the option for manual or automatic temperature adjustments, you have the flexibility to customise the heat delivery to different rooms at the precise times you need it. Whether you're aiming to create a cosy ambiance in your living space, bedroom, or any room in your home, Ravelli's ducted pellet stoves offer a smart and convenient solution to maintain optimal comfort throughout your entire house.

RC70 8.2KW

S90 9.3KW

Flexi 9.1KW

Flexi 10.7KW

Olivia Steel 9.4KW

Stilo 11.3KW

Sphere 12.1KW