Di Lusso R5

The Di Lusso R5 wood burning stove is the ideal addition to any room- large or small


The Di Lusso R5 Wood Burning Stove is the ideal addition to any room- large or small. Fitting flush to the wall or inset into the fireplace the Di Lusso R5 offers a stunning and stylish focal point whilst utilising the space efficiently. The innovative Flame Blade technology and Dynamic Control, makes the R5 one of the easiest stoves to control on the market.

With Di Lusso Stoves signature smooth lines, the R5 is undeniably gorgeous. With adjustable output, this stove can be set to blaze or smoulder. TripleBurn Plus® enhances ignition to maximise fuel efficiency, while a hot airwash keeps the glass clear from deposits. This is no fuel-guzzler it’s an environmentally-friendlier stove that gives great fuel economy.

With the addition of a multi fuel kit the stove is transformed into a flexible multi fuel stove.


Heat Output Range (kW)

3 - 13

Nominal Output (kW)


Defra Approved


Efficiency (%)


CO Emissions (at 13% O2) (%)


Air Brick Required


Weight (kg)


Stove Technology

Flame blade Technology

Hot Airwash (to keep the glass clean)


External Air Option


Boiler Option


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