Arada Wood Burning and Multifuel Stoves

Arada is a dynamic company at the cutting edge of technological and environmental change within the heating sector. Established in 1983, Arada Ltd. (comprising the Aarrow, Hamlet, Villager, and Stratford brands) manufactures and distributes high quality wood burning and multi fuel stoves in UK and Europe.

All Arada stoves are designed built and tested in the UK to ensure full compliance with CE certification and UK building regulations. Installation should be carried out to part J of the current building regulations and by a suitably qualified competent person. Stated outputs for room heaters are quoted using wood log fuel.

Aarrow Wood Stoves

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus inset

Aarrow i Series Cassette

Stratford Boiler Stoves

Stratford boiler stoves by Arada  are proven performers. They use the latest technologies and draw on their 30 years of manufacturing experience to provide a reliable and economic way to heat your home. At the same time, you have the heart-warming glow of a real fire. Plus, a five-year guarantee comes as standard.

Style Matters:
No one’s going to notice your new boiler, but they will comment on your stunning new stove. This is why Stratford offers a diverse range of styles – from our traditional to their modern wood burner.

Keep the temperature steady:
Every Arada boiler stove has a thermostat. It’s not just a safety feature; it also keeps your radiators at a constant temperature, so you stay comfortable. The feedback from the thermostat contributes to high fuel efficiency and reduced fuel consumption– making an Arada models cheaper to run than other boiler stoves.

Works with other heating systems or stands alone. When installed with a thermal store, the boiler stoves can be combined with any other source of heating, from traditional gas and oil systems or with ground source heat pumps and solar panels. This is the perfect partnership for complete home heating. Your stove is able to heat up a large amount of water quickly, and the thermal store utilises this heat effectively around the home.

Choosing your Boiler Stove:
The installation, choice of fuel and refuelling cycle can affect the heat output of a boiler stove.

  • When calculating your boiler stove requirements allow, as a guide, 1 kW per average size radiator (typically 1000 x 400mm single panel). If you plan to heat domestic hot water, add 2.5 kW to the required output to water.
  • Don’t forget to take into account any heat loss in the pipework – this is usually around 10%.
  • The information above acts as a general guideline only. We highly recommend that you contact a qualified heating engineer who will ensure that you make the right choice for your home.

Stratford Eco Boiler HE Stoves

Stratford Eco Boiler HE Inset

Stratford Wood Boiler Stove

How To Light Your Wood Burning Stove

How to get the best from your stove