Sustainable Wood Heating Solutions From Smartheat

Smartheat : supplying wood pellet stoves to Irish homes since 2005.

Whether you're building or renovating, we offer expert guidance to create a warm and cosy home. Our experienced team recommends the most suitable wood heating appliance for your project and provides installation and maintenance services to ensure ongoing top performance. The Smartheat wood stove range has been extensively researched to offer the best in renewable wood heating technology. We've scoured Europe for these products, selecting them for their efficiency, technology, and design excellence.

Nobis Unica Hybrid Stove

The best of both worlds

The Nobis Unica hybrid stove offers dual functionality, supporting both wood logs and wood pellets. Its specialised combustion chamber optimally burns both fuels, ensuring maximum heat output. A notable feature is its ability to operate as a standard wood stove during electricity disruptions. Simply add logs and kindling, light it, and enjoy consistent warmth and comfort.

Nobis Wood Pellet Stoves

Nobis your stove, our passion.

NOBIS pellet stoves redefine the market with their quiet, reliable, and cutting-edge technology. They embody NOBIS's dedication to innovation through extensive research and development. These stoves prioritise heat quality, eco-friendliness, and well-being, efficiently distributing heat via unique cast iron heat exchangers, utilising natural convection and forced airflow for exceptional performance and comfort

Pellet Stove Room Heaters

Efficiency and silence – The perfect stove

Wood pellet stoves with natural convection and radiant heat provide maximum comfort and quiet operation. These stoves offer a modern interpretation of the age-old natural heating method. Natural convection, driven by temperature differences, ensures even air circulation, creating a peaceful and uniform temperature in your home. Enjoy comfortable warmth with these stoves.

Pellet Boiler Stoves

Ravelli Hydro – powering your central heating

Ravelli's wood pellet boiler stoves merge the joy of a wood fire with an effective central heating system. They seamlessly integrate into your current central heating and hot water setup, minimising expenses and disturbances. Enjoy the charm of a living flame as a centrepiece alongside efficient home heating. Get the best of both worlds with an efficient Ravelli pellet boiler stove.

Pellet Insert Stoves

Ravelli Box – enjoy the beauty of an inset fire

Ravelli's inset wood pellet stoves represent the pinnacle of style and energy efficiency. Immerse yourself in the allure of a modern fireplace, gazing at mesmerising flames through the expansive glass door, all the while mitigating heat loss up the chimney. These stoves strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, offering a fireplace experience that enhances any living space.

Tonwerk Wood Stoves Classic Series

Warmth from a heart of stone

The award-winning design of the Classic range from Tonwerk serves as an appealing focal point, seamlessly complementing both classic and modern styles. These stoves excel as primary heating systems in spacious homes or as elegant solutions for compact spaces like bathrooms or areas with sloping roofs. Whatever your requirements, Tonwerk offers the ideal Storage Stove.

Tonwerk Wood Stoves Eco2 Series

Up to twelve hours of comfort

Tonwerk's Eco² stove range is purpose-built for passive and airtight homes. These intelligent stoves are equipped with features like an auto door closer and an automatic air supply system, all without the need for electricity. They are approved for use in low-energy houses, ensuring your heating needs are met efficiently while keeping your home comfortably airtight for the future.

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